Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Featuring Ryan O'Malley & Nick Alley.


Wednesday, MAY 5th:
8:00- 10:00 am. FA403 Lecture on History of Drive By Press
10:00-Noon FA 403 Review massive collection of prints from around the country.
Noon-2:00 DBP does their signature T-Shirt Printing in front of the Fine Arts Building.

Thursday, MAY 6th:
Noon-3:00 DBP does their signature T-Shirt Printing in front of the Fine Arts Building.
3:30-4:00 Open Print Review FA 403
4:00-5:00 FA 403: Lecture to Advanced Intaglio Class

Friday, MAY 7th:
Noon-4:00 T-Shirt Printing at the Art Annex (outside next to Iron Pour Area)

“Drive-By Press is a completely mobile printmaking studio built to promote the growth and democratization of art through printmaking. Drive By Press was created to educate and share the contemporary practice of printmaking with students and art audiences across America. DBP has visited well over 300! Universities, colleges, and public schools, traveling over 100,000 miles!
 During each stop DBP collects prints from area artists, amassing the largest collection of contemporary prints from across the country! DBP is a self- funded endeavor solely surviving on small visiting artists honorariums from schools and from the sales of printing wood blocks on paper and t-shirts. Many blocks have been graciously donated from some of the greatest wood cut artists in the country to support and perpetuate the endeavor of Drive By press!! DBP loves the opportunity to share prints, techniques, Artists, and stories about the journey with students. Also, individual critiques and information about graduate programs for students who are interested in a M.F.A.

Photos of UM print students at Gonzaga with DBP.

Joseph Velasquez on Tower of Babel from Jeffrey Bussmann on Vimeo.