Sunday, September 5, 2010

Doug Anderson Visiting Artist

Doug Anderson will be installing his exhibition entitled "Asphodel" in the Gallery of Visual Arts.
Opening Reception is Thursday, September 30th, from 5-7 pm.
Doug will also be doing an Artist Lecture on his work that evening at 5:00 pm.
Artist Statement:
Asphodel is a mythical place of the Greek underworld where souls are sent to await judgment after having been ferried across the River Styx. Souls judged to be a combination of both virtuous and evil deeds remain in this grey place to wander aimlessly and without memory, having drunk from the River of Lethe (Forgetfulness). In these vast and gloomy fields grows only the Asphodel, a white flower, which is consumed by the dead. The truly virtuous souls, those blessed by the gods, pass on to the Elysian Fields. Here souls retained their memories and enjoyed pleasurable feasts and games. Those souls judged to be truly cursed are cast into the depths of Tartarus. Each soul spends eternity suffering a punishment that relates to his or her earthly crimes.