Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Chemistry 2014 Last Best Printfest Portfolio Exchange Portfolio Information
As part of the upcoming “Last Best Print Fest” the ZACC Printshop is hosting it’s forth annual
portfolio exchange. All local printmakers are invited to submit an edition of prints based on the theme
Chemistry. Of the edition of twelve, ten of the prints will be redistributed to other participants in a random
selection process, and one print will be available for sale at The Printfest Portfolio Exchange Opening on
February 14th, as a fundraiser for the ZACC Printshop, and the last will be retained as part of a complete set for
the ZACC Printshop Archive. The prints from the portfolios will be exhibited at The ZACC from February 14th
through March 9th as part of Printfest. For more information contact Patricia Thornton at

For this exchange we invite you to interpret the word as narrowly or broadly as you want and submit your
strongest and most compelling print with Chemistry in mind.

The exchange is open to any printmakers in Montana. Editions should consist of twelve impressions numbered
1/12 to 12/12, using any archival material.

Paper size: 11”x14” - prints can be full bleed

Edition size: 12; numbered 1/12 to 12/12 (no proofs or editions larger than 12)

Media: All forms of printmaking are accepted.

Labeling: In pencil, clearly print artist’s name, title, and media on the back of
each print.
Prints must be the original artwork of the submitting artist, and must be dry at the
time of submission. The portfolio organizers reserve the right to refuse entry of any submission that fails to
conform to the portfolio guidelines.

To participate in the Portfolio Exchange we require that you register through Submittable.

Due Date:
Portfolios will be due by Dec. 15th, 2013. They can be submitted to The Zootown Arts Community Center, 235
North 1st. Missoula, MT. 59801.