Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Emile Levassor Museum of Art/

Emile Levassor Museum of Art (pictured above)

This past First Friday featured work by graduate student Sarah Moore in the inaugural show in the new Emile Levassor Museum of Art.  The "Museum" which is comprised of a small portable tabletop room was the brainchild of our own Brad Allen, Ed Morrissey and Matt Hamon, while perhaps taking a nod from artists such as RL Tillman's Minstallation gallery project.   The "Museum" is ultimately destined to ride along inside a rally car to various locations, following in the tradition of the mobile art gallery.  The car (still in the garage) at this point will eventually make it's debut to fulfil the rest of the museums mission.   Keep an eye open in the future for the Museum, it may be parked near you soon.

RL Tillman, "Minstallation Gallery".